5. Pukkelpop Festival 2011

Pukkelpop Festival in Belgium already had a dirt legacy as their tournament started out in 2011. The yr prior lead singer of Ou Est Le Swimming Pool, Charles Haddon, committed suicide at the festival. Event coordinators ought to have by no means planned for what would take place at their next installment. The competition was slated to have acts which include Eminem, The Foo Fighters and Odd Future perform, however festivities have been interrupted by means of a storm which for nothing should have been planned. Winds were so robust that stages and tents collapsed, even timber had been uprooted. The grounds had been destroyed totally and emergency clinical services were brief handed. Once the rain, hail and wind had cleared, 5 have been establisheddead and over one hundred forty were injured.

4. Time Warp Argentina 2016

The travelling electronic dance song pageant Time Warp that originated in Germany set down in Argentina for the 1/3 time in 2016. What was once set to be a two day tournament of the some of the world’s most famend technical DJs ended in tragedy. During Time Warp’s first night there were reviews that the match was once oversold. To make matters worse the venue where the match was being held was no longer outfitted to preserve the surroundings at an terrific temperature. Attendees started out to overheat and before the night was over, greater than 10 humans had collapsed. On website online clinical services had been overwhelmed and quickly emergency serviceshad been known as in from Buenos Aires. Five humans ultimately died from an overdosing on what was once decided to be a horrific batch of capsules offered as ecstasy circulating the event. The 2nd night was once canceled and quickly after law used to be exceeded in Argentina banning digital music events.

3. Mawazine Festival 2009

Mawazine “Rhythms” Festival used to be the largest music pageant in northern Africa. In 2009 there had been over one thousand artists slated to operate over the route of various days at many specific venues, which includes Stevie Wonder, Alicia Keys, and Kylie Minogue. Close to 100,000 people packed Rabat’s Hay Nahda stadium to see the megastar studded line up on Saturday, May 23rd, together with Moroccan pop star, Abdelaziz Stati. As the overall performance used to be ending, the crowd heading toward the exit knocked over a wire fence which set off a stampede. The scene used to be pandemonium and when the dust cleared 11human beings had been crushed to death in total, consisting of two children. The tragedy was believed to be precipitated via the police sealing off detailed exits and forcing the crowd into small points of entry.

2. Wings Festival 2003

Music festivals are some of the greatest gatherings of people in many countries. This brings up many special security dangers as there are so many distinctive elements that can go wrong. The one factor many humans in no way anticipate is a terrorist attack. In 2003 at the Wing’s competition outside of Moscow, Russia, two ladies attempted to enter the venue when they have been stopped by security. They were wearing bomb belts and without delay detonated them. The suicide bombing killed sixteen humans and injured over a hundred The reasoning behind the attack was once the treatment of the Chechen human beings by way of the Russian government. The song pageant used to be very famous with the younger human beings of Russia so most of these who had been killed or maimed in the assault have been beneath 30. If the protection had not caught the assault earlier than the bombers entered, the death toll would have been in the 100’s. 2003 used to be the closing yr the Wings Festival used to be held.

1. Love Parade 2010

Love Parade at the time was one of the greatest electronic music occasions in the world. In 2010 it used to be held in Duisburg and attracted over one million people. The competition grounds have been only available via a small and slender tunnel, which was once one hundred meters long and only16 meters wide. The competition very rapidly reached a maximum potential of 1.4 million attendees and the tunnel main to the grounds was sealed off on one facet by way of police. Announcements had been made for humans nevertheless in the tunnel to evenly flip around, but chaos soon ensued. As hundreds of humans stormed the opposite course in the restricted house tragedy ensued. Once the space used to be cleared 21 people had been located dead, beaten to demise by the stampede. 10 people were indicted for the deaths with expenses along with manslaughter. The prosecution sooner or later resulted in a few convictions. Love Parade still takes area each year, and the victims of the tragedy are usually memorialized in some way. two

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