Amazing Canadian Festivals you Should Attend

Canada is absolutely the perfect neighbor. Quiet. Polite. And in no way does plenty other than say “Maybe you may no longer wanna do that, eh?” each and every time America receives under the influence of alcohol and begins yelling about burning the total world down. Then once in a while, Canada throws a incredibly […]

5 Music Festival Worst Disasters

5. Pukkelpop Festival 2011 Pukkelpop Festival in Belgium already had a dirt legacy as their tournament started out in 2011. The yr prior lead singer of Ou Est Le Swimming Pool, Charles Haddon, committed suicide at the festival. Event coordinators ought to have by no means planned for what would take place at their next […]

Top 5 Music Festivals in the world

The crowd is heaving and you don’t notice the sweat in your eyes. Thousands of human beings are feeling the same elation as you. The tune lifts you together, and you feel connected to them all. That’s the strength of music. And that’s the singular ride of a tune festival. Also , attending Music festivals […]